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When it comes to having a successful brand, most people know that consistency across all platforms is super important. And it is! However, there’s another aspect that factors in to how successful your biz can be and her name’s Specificity.

Tell me if any of these scenarios hit close to home:

You sit down to DIY your site and you aren’t sure what template to choose as a base or even what photos, fonts, or colors to use. So, after spending hours wracking your brain while you blankly stare at your screen, you get the idea to go on Pinterest and out of frustration, choose the first palette that looks pretty to you.


Hearing the word “niche” makes you want to hop on a plane heading straight for the Bermuda Triangle. Your hands get clammy and your mouth feels like you ate a whole sheet of the world’s driest cornbread. You know you’re good at what you do, you have all the passion in the world, so why can’t you help anyone and everyone?


You hired an amazing web designer (*cough cough*) and you worked as a team to get specific on who that dream client of yours is. Then you collaborated on creating a site that will make them feel right at home. BUT… And I’m sure you knew there was a “but” coming ‘round. BUT… you were so busy aiming to get the visuals just right that your copy was a bit of an afterthought. It’s decent yet you know it’s missing a bit of flare.

And then it happens. You’re perusing the web and you find out your copy was swiped by someone else in your industry. You keep getting interest from people who are so far removed from who you’d consider your dream client that they might as well be from Mars. Or even worse of all, your site’s bounce rate is through the roof and you can’t even seem to get crickets to land on it: silence. It’s enough to make a girl want to pull her hair out. 


So why is brand specificity so important?

Here’s the thing… each of these scenarios has an underlying problem: you forgot to invite Specificity to the party.

Being specific and intentional in every aspect of your business is what separates you from the competition and separates you, who are in it for the long haul, from the people who aren’t sure what they’re bringing to the table.

If someone is able to land on your site and go wild with the copy/paste then your content likely doesn’t have enough of your point of view. Remember: our experiences, our humor, our point of view is what makes us unique. People can try to steal that, but anyone who speaks to them will notice the disconnect. It’s much more difficult to steal copy that is so specific to the way an individual speaks.

Specificity will also be sure to attract the people you’d love to hang out with rather than people who might crash your party and leave you wondering, “How’d they find out about me?”

This is why it’s so important to be specific on who you’re talking to. When you know what your dream client is struggling with your message will resonate with them. When you know what’s important to them, you’ll be more clear on what images will speak to them. Being specific with your brand is like having your own radio frequency that only your dream customers can tune into.

How friggin’ cool is that?


Get comfy with specificity

So, don’t just be a life coach. Be a life coach for widows who are ready to jump back into the dating scene. Don’t just be a photographer. Be a photographer for celebrity portraits. Don’t just be a web designer. Be a web designer for creatives with purpose-driven businesses. (That last one’s mine 😉)

When you’re specific your brand shines.

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