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How to Scale Your Business WITHOUT Working All the Damn Time

Scale Your Business with Ease

In this workshop you’ll learn…


✅ The three biggest mistakes keeping you stuck and getting in the way of fully stepping into your purpose.

✅ Why doing #allthethings is actually hurting your business.

✅ What you need to do before even considering hiring a VA.

…and more!

The struggle does NOT have to be real, love.

When you’re wearing all the hats, is it any wonder you’re feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? 😰

As a solopreneur, you wear the hat of the visionary, the marketer, the graphic designer, the writer, the accountant, and on and on.  Not to mention, while also trying to be the best partner/parent/human being you can.

It’s a lot.

And the hard truth is… while you can do anything, you can’t do everything.

To get past the struggling solopreneur phase of your business life and into the successful CEO stage, you need to have a clear set of systems and processes. You need to get your business organized and streamlined. Why?

So that you can scale your business with ease, delegate the small details, and get your business working for you.

But just even *thinking* about all the things you might need to do to get your business in order can be super overwhelming, can’t it? Like, hand-me-a-margarita overwhelming.

The good news: you aren’t alone.

The even better news? You don’t have to figure it out alone either!

Join this masterclass to learn exactly how you can level up your business.

This class is right for you if…


👉 You are ready to grow your business WITHOUT feeling burnt out, stressed AF, and working crazy hours to make it happen.

👉 You’re aching to spend time with family, or work on a passion project, or go on vacation WITHOUT worrying about losing clients or revenue.

👉 You have been considering hiring a team member or outsourcing tasks but don’t know where to start or have had a terrible experience in the past.

Hey there, I’m Janine!


I’m a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. More specifically, I’m a voice actress (seriously, you can find me on Audible) and also am the owner of a content marketing agency, The Bold Ones.

Being someone with so many passions, I learned the hard way that it really isn’t possible to do it all and still have time for myself and everyone I love.

Now, I teach fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world how they, too, can streamline their businesses and lead a team that cares about their business as much as they do.

free masterclass

How to Scale Your Business WITHOUT Working All the Damn Time

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