what we believe

our manifesto

F*ck being a starving artist.

We are on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs work less while making more. 

Everything we produce here at The Bold Ones — be it blog posts, products, or educational resources — is created with the intention of making other’s lives easier and/or more enjoyable.


Because you can have as many zeroes in your bank account as Jeff Bezos but if you can’t enjoy it, if you’re working all the damn time… what’s the point?

We believe that by taking ownership of your life, of being unapologetically you, you will find your people: the people who will support your business and help you on your journey to success.

Our non-negotiables in business and life are…


Truth really matters to us. We strive to be honest and straightforward in everything we do.

Anything we create has the underlying intention of making the world a better place for all.

In other words…



We are passionate about diversity, inclusivity, and anti-racism. We are committed to listening.

We believe our differences make us more interesting and others should be treated with kindness.

In other words…



We are aiming to inspire and embolden others to step in and take ownership of their lives.

To be curious, have fun, to embrace their uniqueness, and grow their business with ease!

In other words…


our people

Our people are creatives who are hell-bent on leaving this world a better place than they were given.

Our people live and die by the fundamental truth that no matter the color of your skin or who you love, you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

Our people take what they do seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Our people are honest, talented AF, and love this miracle of a planet we are cruising on. 🌎

Our people have a deep burning desire for their work to change the lives of those that come in contact with it.

Our people are dreamers, visionaries, magic-makers, weirdos, passion-packed humans globs of awesome…

OK, a healthy dose of geeky too…

As a Latina-owned business with minority / LGBTQ+ team members, we are committed to standing by our people. 

committed to JEDI


We are proudly anti-racist and anti-discrimination in any form.

We have the right to refuse to work with an individual or business who is bigoted or, to terminate any contract with an individual or business who is found to be bigoted.

We actively seek out images that highlight diversity for ourselves *and* the clients we work with. In our courses, we also are committed to using images and examples of people who belong to marginalized communities such as the disabled, gender-fluid / trans community, and BIPOC folks.

Simply put,

  • if you believe COVID is a hoax…
  • if you find issue with the phrase, “Black Lives Matter”…
  • if you believe be marriage should only be between a man and a woman…
  • if you believe a woman’s worth is tied to her fertility…

Then we ain’t for you.