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Getting a great night’s sleep can almost feel like an impossible feat when you’re running a business. Let alone if you’re a parent running your own business.

You’re probably inundated with mind chatter like Homer here…

Homer unable of getting a great night's sleep

Isn’t that relatable AF?

And to add to that, you might also feel a bit hungry… or you’re so exhausted you’re having trouble sleeping. That last one is the biggest trollings of all time, isn’t it? Being too exhausted to even sleep? But hey, it happens.

So, let me break down the tools I use to help me get a great night’s sleep…


7 drops of NuLeaf CBD Oil for a great night’s sleep

NuLeaf Naturals

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Starts at a 300mg bottle for $29.99

Due to the lack of THC, it ships to all 50 states and over 40 countries!


Listen, I’ve tried a lot of CBD oil brands due to my anxiety and most have been misses for me that is, with the exception of NuLeaf Natuals’ CBD oil. It’s so good that my mom, grandmother, and my sister swear by it too, and anytime a friend tells me they have trouble sleeping, I always mention this brand.

I can’t help it.

While most CBD oils aren’t actually oils at all, they’re tinctures, their strength is often diluted to make way for some peppermint because, God forbid if, the oil is an acquired taste.

That isn’t true for NuLeaf, their oil doesn’t have the most pleasant of tastes, granted… but their CBD packs a punch and by packing a punch I mean a big punch bowl of relaxation.

Whenever I feel my thoughts are racing, I grab my bottle and squeeze 7-10 drops under my tongue, holding it for a few seconds. Then, about 30 minutes later, my mind has stopped racing.

My shoulders are relaxed and my breathing is less shallow…

It’s great.


A Headband Fit for Sleeping

Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband

Found on Amazon

Priced at $19.97 at the time of posting


When I first started getting into listening to ASMR as I was sleeping, I wore regular cabled headphones which would always result in me waking up with sore ears as the plastic dug into the grooves. Occasionally, I’d even be woken up by the cables wrapping around my throat.

What can I say? I like living dangerously.

No, I actually don’t like living dangerously. Particularly living dangerously in my sleep.

I knew there just had to be some sort of headband, preferably with bluetooth — because cables were no longer a good idea — and I was right! They do exist.

Fun fact: I actually have two of these! One to act as a backup in case the other runs out of batteries.

Is the sound quality amazing? No, this isn’t like your Bose or Beats. So if you’re a major audiophile, it might take some getting used to.

Is it good enough to bring a bit of ambient noise without subjecting your partner to what you’re listening to? Abso-friggin-lutely!


What I fall asleep listening to…

I alluded to listening to ASMR in the previous section and I’ve got to admit that it’s ASMR and other types of whispered stories that I listen to the most.

I know it can seem pretty weird to some… but there is something so comforting about being soothed to sleep by a voice. It harkens back to the days when our parents read us to sleep as children. My inner child can’t get enough of it.

My favorite ASMRtists on YouTube

My favorite Headspace Sleepcasts

  • Evening Tide
  • Rainday Antiques 1 + 2
  • Moon Buggy (what? I’m a nerd)
  • Painter’s Portrait
  • Starlight Diner (my favorite)

Every now and then I’ll also listen to soundscapes, meditative, or instrumental music. But for the most part, it’s the simple voices that do it for me.


A notebook for thought dropping

Hard Cover, Graph Paper Journals

Found on Amazon

Priced at $15.99 at the time of posting


On my nightstand, you’ll always find a notebook that I use for thought dropping.

What’s “thought dropping?”, you ask? I got you!

Thought dropping is essentially like a next-level brain dump. It’s an intentional way of jotting down the thoughts that might be overwhelming your brain.

Which, as entrepreneurs, happens to us so often doesn’t it? Where we get inundated with ideas or all those little tasks we need to take care of… (see Homer meme above)

It can be a lot and I’ve found fewer better ways of relieving the brain-circus than when I thought drop.

For more information on how to thought drop, I have a whole lesson on it in our mini-course, Prioritize to Thrive.


Reading with the Kindle

The Kindle Paperweight – Waterproof

Found on Amazon

Priced at $129.99 at the time of posting


I love reading. Immersing myself in a whole other world or geeking out on business? Bring it on.

In fact, I love reading so much that I actually have made it my job narrating audiobooks.

And one thing I was doing a lot during the pandemic, was… you guessed it… read.

I wanted an escape but I couldn’t go to the library to pick up books (they were closed) so I wound up renting their e-versions and trying to read it on my iPhone.

On a budget, that was fine. But every now and then, the screen size wouldn’t accommodate the formatting of the book. Which, when you’re at a juicy part, can get super frustrating.

So, I caved and bought a Kindle and umm… I love it?

Now, I can read books even while I’m out on the beach and it works with my local library rentals!


A Humidifier with over 62,000 reviews!

Pure Enrichment® MistAire™ Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Found on Amazon

Priced at $39.99 at the time of posting


Who would have thought when I left my Miami’s humidity for a drier climate, I’d need to purposefully make my environment more humid… But the coughing fits in the middle of the night due to a nasty case of dry throat, convinced me that maybe humidity is a good thing?

Having a little moisture in the air has helped me stay asleep and sleep more comfortably as it cools the air in the room too.

Added bonus?

The plants we have in the bedroom love it and I’m happy when my plant-children are happy.

There you have it! My current sleep kit that helps me get a great night’s sleep as often as possible. Of course, if I discover a new goodie that makes sleeping as comfy as possible, I’ll be updating my list or adding to it!

In the meantime, tell me… what is one of your favorite tools you use that help you get a great night’s sleep?


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