3 pro ways of practicing self-care as a solopreneur


3 pro ways of practicing self-care as a solopreneur

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Question: when you think about practicing self-care as a solopreneur, what’s your immediate thought on what that looks like? Meditation? A candlelit bath with a glass of wine… some yoga? All the above?

Yup! That’s what most people think self-care looks like and while these are a great form of showing yourself some kindness, we can go *so* much deeper than just the surface-level idea of what taking care of yourself can look like.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me a nice long bath and meditation.



But! And of course there is a but here…

If the exhaustion, burnout, frustration, etc… you might be feeling is still present once you step out of the bath and think about your business, then that bath wasn’t self-care as much as it was a band-aid.

So, what can we do if we do need extra support? What can we do to really be able to feel present and re-energized without just merely looking for an escape?

Here are a few tips you can practice some advanced self-care as a solopreneur…



Ooh… this is a biggie. When we’re in business of building our business, maintaining boundaries typically is one of the first things to go flying out the window. We find ourselves answering emails at 8pm or on the weekends, we oblige urgent client requests and pause anything else we were doing (even if’s a holiday), we might find ourselves trying to binge some True Crime doc on Netflix just to somehow wind up on our phones and working.

Like, “Huh? How is this phone suddenly in my hand and why am I on Instagram? When’d this happen?”

#Guilty of all the above.

It’s tough because we want to keep our clients happy and our business churning.

But practicing self-care as a solopreneur needs we need to stand up for ourselves and what’s best for us and the way we work.

Real talk though: clients are going to respect your boundaries if they’re clearly communicated.


Most people aren’t total douchewads.

So, consider what you need. What do boundaries look like for you?

Personally, I check my work email twice/day — once first thing in the morning when I sit down to work and then around 2pm. Anything comes in after that? I deal with it the next morning.

Here are a few other ways you can establish boundaries:

  • Leave your phone in a different room after a certain time of day
  • Setup app limits and downtime on your phone (and do your best not to override them)
  • Send periodic reminders to clients as to your working hours and to let them know that you will not be working on the weekends or holidays.
  • Setup a dedicated workspace.

A friend of mine even turns -off- the WIFI after 9pm. That’s some dedication right there!


My absolute favorite way of completely changing how I do business that turned out to be one of the most important ways I could have taken care of myself as an entrepreneur was to completely streamline my business. I am talking about setting up systems and processes, automating anything and everything I could, creating templates for social media posts or common email responses, and delegating the time-sucker or energy-sucking tasks.

I don’t think you need me to tell you this, but being a solopreneur ain’t easy.

We’re constantly trying to wear all these hats and there are some hats that just do not jive with us no matter how hard we try. We can’t pull it off.

One person might absolutely get a thrill about engaging on Instagram but you might dread it. Anytime you think about doing it you feel like dragging your feet and when you *do* decide to do it, you’re left feeling wiped.

And there it is… bingo!

That right there is a HUGE sign that you need to somehow get that hat off of your brilliant head.


Because if you don’t, I guarantee you’re on a highway to burnout and speaking from personal experience, I rather deal with all the potholes and traffic in Los Angeles than that again.

Yes, it is that bad.

So, here’s an action item for you: take the time to evaluate how you complete your tasks and try to take an time/energy audit for how they make you feel relative to how long they take.

If you feel invigorated by a certain task? Awesome…! Keep that on your plate.

If you hate it? Figure a way to minimize your involvement or get rid of it all together.

Letting go of these tasks will allow you to focus on the parts of your business you truly love and to give you the time to travel or work on other passion projects or just chill… all things that can refuel you.

Need extra support on how to do this for your business? My course, Leading with Ease, is all about really giving you the clarity to know exactly how to streamline your business and how to find Ah-mah-zing team members to support you as you scale.

For my third and final tip — I’ve got more but am trying to avoid this becoming a novel — to help you get to that pro-status of self-care as a solopreneur is…



Similar to what I was mentioning about tasks being time/energy suckers… unfortunately… people can be too. Just ask anyone who’s had to deal with Colin Robinson.

Side note: if you haven’t seen the show, What We Do in the Shadows, you’ve got to remedy that. Fast. Let’s call it… a bonus self-care tip. 😉


Chances are, you’ve had to deal with a client or customer that left you feeling completely drained or worse, upset and drained.

These are the types of clients that don’t respect your boundaries despite you communicating them clearly, who’ve you’ve got to chase down for payment, and question your expertise.

In other words: they’re PITAs — a big ol’ Pain in the Ass.

The emotional labor it takes to please these sort people just isn’t worth it, love!

So, how do you identify who might be a PITA?

Well, for one, if you get an unexpected email or call from this person and your body involuntarily cringes? Yup! That isn’t a bouquet of roses, that’s a bundle of red flags…

Danger, Danger Will Robinson

You need to make the conscious decision to get uber-duper clear as to who your dream client is and as you slowly start filling your roster with them, you *have* to drop the ones who aren’t a dream to work with.

The relief you’ll feel knowing that you are working with people you adore will not only enforce your sense of purpose, you’ll also feel plain happier.

Now, tell me that’s not what self-care looks like!

If you’re unsure on how to attract your dream clients and book ’em, feel free to sign up for my FREE email course: Magnetizing Your Dream Clients.

There you have it! Three ways you can master-level ways you can practice self-care as a solopreneur.

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